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How to Hire Designers

There has been a fantastic response to the post on the Dribbblisation of Design, many people agreeing with the premise and adding to it, some disagreeing and offering counter points. I want to respond to people’s commentary, explain the original motivation for the post which wasn’t about Dribbble specifically, and talk about how we hire designers.

  1. Know what type of designer you need.
  2. Experience matters but education is a secondary concern.
  3. Review previous work and talk about your brand.
  4. Have a diverse hiring team.

Designers play an integral role in many companies’ operations. They guide potential customers to the right information, help users get the most out of the product and bring the brand to life.

Most companies need to work with a designer in some capacity. If your organization only has the occasional design project – like website or graphics work – outsourcing it to a freelancer or agency makes sense. But if your company updates its website frequently or provides an app or software product, you’ll need to hire at least one design employee.

Hiring your first designer can be a tough decision. Everyone has an opinion about the work designers produce but few people actually understand their process. It’s important your company take the right approach when looking for the best designer to hire.