Trusting Gut Instincts

Stephanie Troeth’s main job title is subtly different from the terms we usually hear within the field of user experience. She’s a user experience strategist, a discipline that “has yet to hit mainstream”, she tells me, which involves working in the place where user experience and business objectives meet. She will go into gut instincts…

SVG Fallbacks

There is a very clever technique by Alexey Ten on providing an image fallback for SVG going around the internet recently. It does just what you want in the classic no-SVG-support browsers IE 8- and Android 2.3. If we dig a little deeper we find a some pretty interesting stuff including a bit of unexpected…

The Usability of Notifications

Many software developers fail to understand the principles of designing notifications the right way. It sounds like a simple feature, but when you look at it from the end–user’s perspective, there are some important things that need good execution.

I specialize in print & web design

Hello, my name is Lucas Cobb and I’m a Senior Designer at Blackbaud, Inc. I focus on web design, mobile applications and logos. I’m currently taking on a limited number of clients. If you’d like to work with me on your project, please get in touch.