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  • TIL some Photoshop tricks

    TIL some Photoshop tricks

    Today I learned some amazing Photoshop tricks. Check them out below and please add your own tips & tricks in the comment section.  TIL you can right-click with the eyedropper tool in Photoshop to get a “Copy Color’s Hex Code” option. By holding shift you can also sample up to 4 points at a time […]

  • Use Gravatar as your Favicon

    Use Gravatar as your Favicon

    An interesting little factoid that I stumbled upon fiddling around with Favicons is you can use the get_avatar built-in function to get your gravatar as a favicon on your WordPress blog. Please note this will only work if your WordPress blog admin email and gravatar email are the same and is achieved simply by adding this simple […]