The Usability of Notifications

Many software developers fail to understand the principles of designing notifications the right way. It sounds like a simple feature, but when you look at it from the end–user’s perspective, there are some important things that need good execution.

I specialize in print & web design

Hello, my name is Lucas Cobb and I’m a Senior Designer at Blackbaud, Inc. I focus on web design, mobile applications and logos. I’m currently taking on a limited number of clients. If you’d like to work with me on your project, please get in touch.

Product Strategy Means Saying No

If you’re building a product, you have to be great at saying No. Not ‘maybe’ or ‘later’. The only word is No. Building a great product isn’t about creating tonnes of tactically useful features which are tangentially related. It’s about delivering a cohesive product with well defined parameters.


You know that feeling when you’ve been working a long time on something, this is called burnout. You don’t have the energy to keep going, and you need a break. Some say that as long as you work normal hours, and not push yourself you’ll be fine.