Combine Two Animals With Photoshop

In this free Photoshop tutorial we’ll be covering the techniques used to extract and apply textures from one animal to another – combining two animals with photoshop.

Using just a few key tools and the Overlay blend mode, you’ll see how simple it can be to combine your own favorite animals. You won’t be limited to only creating zebra-elephant hybrids, as the methods used in this tutorial will work across a multitude of animal types and even objects.

Elephant Zebra Hybrid Image

Facebook Like Button Plugin

The Facebook Like Button Plugin adds the Facebook like button before and after your blog post.

Download it at the WordPress Repository


Craft Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial

In this text effect tutorial Enrique Flouret shows us how to create a Craft photoshop font style reminiscent of a Wired Magazine headline introduced on the September 2008 issue. Although the effect is a bit different, all credit should be given to Mario Hugo.

Here´s the finished Papercraft Text Effect. Try it with different fonts and with different colors. Post your results on the comments section at the end of this article.

Craft Text Effect Final Image

Read the rest of the tutorial on Photoshop Road Map


10 Reasons to not Date a Designer

Here are ten reasons why you should not date a designer.

  1. They analyze everything…
  2. They know who did everything design…
  3. Nothing can be normal…
  4. They are never “actually” there…
  5.  They constantly talk about other designers…
  6.  They can’t stop tinkering…
  7. They can’t stop buying “cool” stuff…
  8. They are impossible to buy gifts for…
  9.  Everything has to look great. Always…
  10. They have to dress the part…

Absolute Vertical & Horizontal Centering with CSS

We’ve all seen margin: 0 auto; for horizontal centering, but margin: auto; has refused to work for vertical centering… until now! But actually (spoiler alert!) absolute centering only requires a declared height* and these styles:

.Absolute-Center {
margin: auto;
position: absolute;
top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0;